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Disconnect from the world and enjoy the calm waters
Welcome on board
Namaste Charter

Welcome aboard - Namaste Charter.

We operate in the Sailboat Charters segment with different and excellent options from the most paradisiacal places on the planet.

You will enjoy the fantastic feeling of being on board a Sailboat, for hours or for a few days, living with the crew who are the owners of the sailboats, most of the time they live on board and spontaneously perform charters. They are kind, experienced people who will always be willing to provide unforgettable moments on board.

Imagine now you and your wife or your family, or your group of friends, being able to have the feeling of freedom that is sailing, sharing magical moments that will add to your life. To be able to arrive with the sailboat in islands, small bays, that is to say, tranquility and good energy, with high spirits and privacy.

And you can also taste dishes very well served and prepared by all the crew, usually seafood (lobsters, fish, octopus, crabs), or as a pre-arranged meal of your choice.

Safety is one of the items we cherish the most, and you can be sure that all the partner sailboats we have are experienced crews, capable of all situations. And all sailboats are properly equipped with safety devices, such as vests, circular buoys, signalers and others.

We personally know most of the Sailboats and their Crew, with a lot of good sea experience and a lot of professionalism in the way they treat their customers.

Make your reservation, and come live life intensely ........

Come spend days on board and feel the comfort and tranquility of a sailboat or catamaran.

Sailing is one of the most noble sensations of this life, the feeling of freedom, peace, harmony with nature ...

Sailing is marrying the sea with the wind

To sail is to take your energy from the wind.

Sailing is inviting the waves to

Dance and be happy with them

Sailing is understanding that you can

Lose the rudder but you must never lose your way!

Who we are
Quem somos
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Carlos and Sandra

A brief summary of the story of the couple Carlos and Sandra from the Brazilian sailboat Namastê.

Carlos Poffo, 56 years old from São Paulo, sailor for 46 years, professional skipper, sailing instructor, more than 18,000 miles navigated in Brazilian waters and international waters. He works in the nautical market as a broker, consultant for nautical services. In 2003 he made his first crossing as Captain, sailing from ilhabela to Salvador, Bahia, aboard his 27-foot Brasilia sailboat, called Fandango, in 16 days against the wind.

We are a family owned and operated business.

Sandra, from Bahia, Salvador, professional chef with several courses, specializing in seafood. Professional crew, with first aid courses. Astral and friendliness always on board.

The Brazilian couple, Carlos and Sandra, experienced sailors have been operating in the charter segment with sailboats since 2008, still in Brazil, on the coast of Bahia, northeast Brazil, and Fernando de Noronha Archipelago.

In 2013, they sailed from Salvador in Bahia, Brazil, to the Caribbean, aboard the Brazilian sailboat Namastê, visiting most of all the islands of the Caribbean, and in these 18 countries that were visited, they became very popular with the cruise community in Brazil and the Caribbean.

We are a family owned and operated business.

In 7 years of direct living on board in the Caribbean, they have always had to look for work, acting in various services as managing several Sailboats at the time of Atlantic hurricanes.

In 2017 they arrived in Panama and were enchanted by the Paraiso, which is the Archipelago of San Blas, with 365 wonderful islands. All of this paradise belongs to an Indigenous Reserve of the Guna Yala Tribe, very friendly Indians and a simple and happy village. the huge amount of tourists from all over the world who come to visit, carried out many charters on board the Namaste until 2020. With great respect and admiration for the Kunas, they created a relationship of help whenever necessary with the needy community. Helping with medicines, food, clothes .San Blas is one of the most beautiful places I have ever visited.


Good winds!

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