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42 foot sailboat - Steel - Private boat


4 people


2 couple




Route programming


Departure from Salvador between 03 to 05/01/2021, Towards (Camamu),

Barra Grande, 2 days.

Abrolhos, about 2 days and Caravelas, one to two days from arrival in Caravelas, average of 10

days on board, disembark.


Salvador to Barra Grande 64 miles,

10:00 hours of navigation.

2 days on board.

Barra Grande to Abrolhos 270 miles,

2 days of navigation.

2 days on board.

Abrolhos a Caravelas 35 miles

TOTAL: average 10 days on board.

Landing: 15/01/2021

Price per person R $ 4,000.00

Price for 2 people R $ 7,500.00


What's Included

Food and drinks (water, soft drinks, beer) when on board.


Not included

get-togethers in bar and restaurants, transfer, sightseeing.


Depending on the weather, we can make another strategic stop.

We have the option of going from Caravelas to Vitória 180 miles, approximately 30 hours

navigation, another day or two to disembark.

Price per person R $ 1.500,00

Price for 2 people R $ 2,500.00

We will be providing 4 vacancies.

We will be in 6 people: Ademir Gigante and Cleuza and our mascot Molly, (Maltese)


Angra dos Reis (end of January and February)

Charter in Angra, from 22/01/2021 to 17/02/2021, minimum of 5 days and maximum group of 4 people, circuit through the beaches and trails. Angra, Ilha Grande, Paraty.

Boarding: in Angra, Shopping Piratas, or Paraty.

Disembarkation: Angra or Paraty, to be agreed.

Value R $ 2.000,00 per day for 4 people, with meals, drinks: soft drinks and water.

Alcoholic beverages (Beer) not included.

Restaurants, get-togethers on land, for each crew member.

The group can order drinks of the brand of your taste and quantity, we buy and make arrangements at the time of boarding so as not to waste time, or you can bring them.


The distance from Ilha Grande or Angra is approximately 25 miles, if the group chooses to stay more on the beaches of Ilha Grande, Angra, we will not have time for Paraty and vice versa, as there are many places for five days.

Get on the boat

The 42-foot Entre Pole sailboat made of steel, very safe, well equipped and comfortable. It has 3 cabins that sleep two or three people, one at the bow and two at the stern, a room with a U-shaped sofa also comfortable to sleep in, and plenty of space to make a bed where you feel most comfortable, a large bathroom with hot and cold shower. The bow cabin is the accommodation of the Commander and Mandanta. Kitchen with refrigerator and freezer, stove and oven, microwave, fans and air conditioning.


Equipment, 3 VHF Radios, SSB Radio, Weather Fax, 4 GPS, AIS class B, Navitex, Radar, Autopilot, wind station, Tridata, Yanmar 56 HP engine, Bow truster.


Power supply, 4 185 A stationary batteries, 2 100 A automotive batteries, for charging, three 125 w solar panels, wind generator, 3.5 Kva Diesel generator, engine alternator , battery charger on the 40 Ah pier


Self-inflating raft, 2.80 meter dinghy with Mercury 9.9 HP engine, vests, circular buoy and horseshoe, all pyrotechnic, Epirb and Spot.

Obs. Dates can be changed according to weather forecast.


Captain & Crew

Ademir Gigante and his wife Cleusa, total approximately 85 thousand miles, we have also sailed in the Caribbean, crossing the North Atlantic, Mediterranean, and crossing from Gibraltar to Brazil, Rio Grande in Solitário. 7 Refeno and two Trips to Noronha adding 9 times in this paradise. Sailing for almost 40 years in several boats. Qualification: Amateur captain.

Our 7 hostages

The Entre Pólos sailboat under my command, has participated in 7 editions.

In 2020 with the cancellation of Refeno we went on a tour, leaving Entre Poles 9 times

dropping iron at the Port of Santos Antônio in Fernando de Noronha.

2005 First place.

2007 First Place

2010 Second Place

2012 DSN we lost the Mast

2017 Fourth Place

2018 Third Place

2019 Second Place

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