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Camamú Bay - BA
Know a little about the destination

Located in the south of Bahia, on the Costa do Dendê, Bahia de Camamu is home to natural beauties that are still little explored. There are many islands to be discovered, with virgin country, waterfalls, forests and mangroves. Camamu Bay is the third largest bay in Brazil.

The region was initially inhabited by native Indians whose name Macamamus .Camamu was the name of the Indian village. In 1560 the Jesuits established a mission, whose year later, after the conclusion of the chapel, it was converted into a parish with the name “Village of Our Lady of the Assumption of Macamamu”. On May 22, 1693 the town was elevated to the category of city under the name of Camamu. And finally, on June 27, 1891, it officially became a city. Camamu was built on two levels, following the Portuguese tradition, as in Lisbon and Salvador. In the winding and narrow streets of the “upper city” are the church and the beautiful colonial houses. The “lower city” is where the port and the market are located.

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