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Terms of responsibility

I declare for due purposes that I am participating in this tour of my own free will and I am aware that my stay on a sailboat or catamaran involves activities of medium risk for my safety and health. I also declare that I am physically and clinically fit to participate in such an event.


I agree to observe and accept any decision made by the organizers, especially the vessel's captain. I assume all the risks of participating in days aboard a sailboat or catamaran and exempt the organizers from any accidents that they may suffer that may cause me any physical injury.


I am aware that during the tour I must not abuse alcoholic beverages, as well as I know that the consumption of any narcotic is totally prohibited. I also undertake to accept without any consideration the orders given to me by the vessel's captain, especially at times involving risks, being aware that if I violate any of the commitments now signed, I will be subject to the penalties provided by law, and may be disembarked at the nearest location, without prejudice to the duty to indemnify the tour organizers for any losses that it may cause.


I inform you that I do not use drugs constantly. I inform that I do not have allergic restrictions

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