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Aluminum 55 - Private boat

Day Charter

From R $ 207.00

Maximum 10 people: from December to March TOTAL price: R $ 2,070.00

Maximum 10 people: from April to November TOTAL price: R $ 1,840.00

Schedule from 9 am to 5 pm or from 10 am to 6 pm

Overnight stay (24 hours on board)

Maximum 6 people: from December to March TOTAL price: R $ 2.300,00

Maximum of 6 people: from April to November TOTAL price: R $ 2,070.00


Day Charter maximum 10 people

Maximum stay 6 people


3 couple




Contact Information

We have differentiated service, with Hostess service on board and a menu

complete and accessible. Another difference in our floating accommodation is that

we can spend each day in a different yard, in addition to being closer

one of the most requested natures in the world, reaching paradisiacal places

that only the boat can take you. It will certainly be an experience never done before.

We charter between Paraty, Ilha Grande and Angra dos Reis.

In addition to the overnight stay, we do the Day Charter which is an 8 hour tour.

Our boat is a 55-foot aluminum sailboat, project Aldo Sani Jr., model

EcoSeas, super stable and comfortable.

It has three double bedrooms and two bathrooms, in addition to the captain's suite.

We have a bathroom with shower and hot shower.

Two rooms and a large kitchen.

Spacious cokpit with sweet shower and barbecue.

We serve basic breakfast on board which is included in the night, and we also have

a Plus breakfast menu, snacks, meals, drinks and drinks (apart from

check availability).

Meals can be made on board with us, previously arranged, or can

be made at indicated restaurants.

Our sailboat is our home, so we stay on it with guests.

The 55-foot aluminum sailboat, designed by Aldo Sani Junior, model EcoSeas 555.


Captain & Crew

Jairo and Bruna

We are a gaucho couple who released the bonds of the Guaíba Yacht Club to live at sea.

Jairo (36) is Captain and Bruna (33) Arrais.

We live on Charter along the coast of Brazil, where our main focus is Angra dos Reis and region.

We have already done 3 times the coast of the country and in 2019 we went from Fernando de Noronha to Cape Horn, considered Mount Everest for sailors.

Jairo, sails for over 16 years, and Bruna at 8, with more than 30 thousand miles navigated.

The boat is qualified for ocean navigation, and the couple is extremely prepared to receive them on board offering total security.

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