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Bruce Farr 42 - Private boat

Private Boat.


Maximum: 9 people, TOTAL amount R $ 2,070.00

From R $ 230

INCLUDED: Mineral water, ice, fuel and captain.



Maximum: 6 people, TOTAL value R $ 1,840.00 per day.

Minimum: 2 days.

From R $ 307


Mineral water, ice, fuel and captain.



Overnight: 6 people


3 couple

4 single




Being able to sail in a champion boat of oceanic racing in Brazil, is a privilege, a racing sailboat with wide compartments, very fast and of course with complete safety.

Talk a little about the family who are the owners, true sailors from scratch, a super close and fun family and mainly adored by everyone in our midst of sailing.

This boat also has the option of being able to do (LEGS), stretches that take the boat to the place that will compete. Very important for that beginner sailor who wants to gain experience of open sea, to be able to participate of the crew and to learn with winning and experienced sailors.

The option of being able to be part of the crew in regattas with this boat is fantastic, imagine you sailing in a high-end boat, learning a lot of sailing and still climbing the Podium ... it's sensational. Now you have imagined all this and you can still reach the paradisiacal island of Fernando de Noronha, it is for a few.

Arriving in Fernando de Noronha is already wonderful, now arriving by sailboat in Noronha is for a few and being able to arrive in a CHAMPION Sailboat that is always among the first boats is fantastic.



Tour options:

1) Itaparica Island or

2) Ponta de Nossa Senhora (Ilha dos Frades) or

3) Loreto (Ilha dos Frades)

Departure: 9:00 am from Aratu Iate Clube, returning at 5:00 pm at the same location.



Charter through the Todos os Santos Bay.

Tour options:

1) Itaparica Island or

2) Ponta de Nossa Senhora (Ilha dos Frades) or

3) Loreto (Ilha dos Frades) or

4) Salinas da Margarida or

5) Mutá or

6) Morro de São Paulo (Tinharé Island) or

7) Garapuá (Tinharé Island)

Departure: at 9 am from Aratu Iate Clube, with return at 5 pm to Aratu Iate Clube on the last day of the tour.


Captain & Crew
Gerald Wicks and Lucila Wicks


Commander Gerald has been sailing for 40 years and has over 30,000 miles navigated, being qualified as Captain.

During all these years, he made boat deliveries several times along the coast of Brazil.

He participated, as Commander, in numerous races in Bahia (Circuito Salvador, Aratu Maragogipe among others) in Rio de Janeiro (Circuito Rio and Búzios) in São Paulo (Sailing Week of Ilhabela), in addition to several ocean races, among them Salvador / Ilhéus, Recife / Noronha (Refeno) and Santos Rio.

Sailing is his great passion, which he started in his adolescence, when he still sailed in monotype in Salvador, his hometown.

Currently, he has chartered through Baía de Todos os Santos on his sailboat Marujos, a Bruce Farr 42, in addition to participating in ocean regattas and, at leisure, sailing alongside his family.

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