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Delta 41 - Private boat

Day Charter
Maximum 8 people, TOTAL amount R $ 2,070.00

Duration: Up to 8 hours

R $ 259,00 per person

Overnight stay

Maximum 6 people, TOTAL value R $ 2.300,00 per day.


6 people overnight


2 couple in room

1 couple in lounge

1 single in lounge




Skipper, fuel (diesel and gasoline), service water.

Not included

Meals, drinks, towels.

Suggested itineraries

Saco da Mamanguá-Ilha Cotia-Enseada da Cajaiba-Ilha dos Cocos-Ilha do

Cedro-Peladas Islands-Tarituba.

Depending on the period on board and weather conditions


1 Stand Up Paddle

Barbecue grill

Fishing and Diving Equipment


Air conditioning

Departure and Return:

Marina do Engenho

Check in: to be agreed

Check out: to be arranged


Captain & Crew


I am passionate about nature, especially the sea. Marine Biologist by training, I have been doing activities at sea since I was a child, including sailing, diving, surfing and kitesurfing.

I have already sailed across the Brazilian coast and an international one. I am an amateur captain for the Brazilian Navy and I also have Yacthmaster Offshore certification by IYT (International Yacht Training).

I currently live on the Satis sailboat in Paraty, a region that is sensational for sailing and living on board. There are several islands and paradisiacal beaches, as well as trails and waterfalls.

Come and visit Paraty by the sea and have the experience on board an equipped and safe sailboat.

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