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FAST 395 - Private boat

Private Boat

Price R $ 250.00 per person per tour in the High Season of December 22/21


Price R $ 200.00 per person per tour March 22 / December 21

Maximum 8 people

Place of departure and return

Marina da Glória

Day tour

Views of Rio de Janeiro

One of our most popular tours. We start in the morning, while the sun warms the atmosphere and its brightness and temperature are milder. The sea breeze begins to blow gently and the sea is undisturbed. As we move and move away from the coast, the relief becomes even more spectacular when we change the perspective of observation, which also facilitates the understanding of how the city ​​is organized between beaches and mountains.

Period from December to March

1 Day Tour

Views of the River

Departure time - 12 pm and return at 3 pm

Period from April to November:

1 Day Tour

Views of the River

Time for output - 11 hours and return 14 hours


Sunset in Rio de Janeiro

This is our most popular tour. Come to know why and also be enchanted! We start in the middle of the afternoon, when the sun accelerates its trajectory to the west, the atmosphere loses temperature and the light takes on warm, orange and red tones. At that time the wind and the sea are also calmer. The silhouette of our relief against the multicolored sky and the sun produces the magic of enchantment and the most beautiful images that will remain forever in your memory.

Period from December to March

2 Day Tour

Sunset in Rio

Time for output - 16 hours and the return 19 hours

Period from April to November:

Departure Time -15 hours and return at 18 hours

Included in the tours:

Drinks (soft drinks, beer, caipirinha), snacks and mineral water.


Captain & Crew


Born in 1956 and raised in Rio de Janeiro, the Captain has always been dedicated to activities at sea. Professionally, he followed his corporate career, alongside his passion for sailing. Retired in 2008, he has since then dedicated himself exclusively to his sailboat and boat trips in the waters of Rio de Janeiro. SAIL IN RIO was created in 2012 as a result of this passion and the growing popularity of boat trips and sailing experiences in Rio. Qualified as Captain by the Brazilian Navy, he accumulates significant nautical mileage from his sailboat trips along the Brazilian coast.

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