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Rules and Tips on board

1- Avoid embarking with shoes with sand or heels, give preference to rubber slippers and sneakers with white soles.

2- Make the payment of your cash tour to the Captain, after boarding.

3- Notify your captain, if you have any health problems, high or low blood pressure, heart, allergic or other situation.

4- Alcohol consumption on board must be moderate.

5- The crew will always be happy to attend to all requests, we always ask for collaboration with hygiene, cleaning, and organization. Some services such as baby sister are not part of the services provided, we ask that you arrange the hiring for this service.

6- Smoking is allowed outside, ask your Captain which is the best place, usually at the stern (behind) of the boats.

7- The use of sunscreen, sunscreen only on the outside areas of the boat. Ask your Captain which location can be used.

Sprays are always difficult to remove from the boats' fiber. Don't forget to bring your sunglasses, caps or hats and repellent.

8- Water on board any sailboat is always very important and useful, so consumption should always be moderate in the baths.

9- All Sailboats have energy to charge electronics: cell phones and cameras, but ask your Captain how the procedure should be.

10- It is not allowed to get wet inside the boat, use towels.

11- Bring little luggage on board (use of light clothes), give preference to backpacks.

12- Forbidden to throw in the sea: paper, plastics, cigarettes or glasses. Take care of the SEA!

13- The use or possession of any narcotic drug on board is prohibited.

14- The use or carrying of firearms on board is prohibited.

15- It is not allowed to bring pets on board.

16- On the Sailboats and Catamarans the owners live on board and are very careful with the boat and equipment.


Cancellation Policy

A - Cancellation communicated with 60 days of check in, the amount of the reservation will be refunded in 100%, of the amount made of the reservation. (Discounting bank fees, Pay Pal, and others)

B-Cancellation communicated within 30 days of check in, the amount returned will be 50% of the amount made of the reservation. (Discounting bank, PayPal and other fees)

C - Cancellation less than 30 days before check in, you are NOT entitled to any refund.


Special dates like New Year, Carnival, Easter

-Only 100% refund can be canceled within 60 days of the check in date.

-Less than 60 days from the check in date for these special dates, there will be no refund of the reservation made.

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