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About the Reserve for the Caribbean, Mexico and France

To make your RESERVATION (Caribbean, Pacific Mexico, French Polynesia and France)


A - To make your reservation, fill out our form is quick and easy, make contact via email or WhatsApp.


B - Read and complete the Responsibility Term. Is required.


C - Make payment of 10% of the total amount via PayPal for the days on board. The balance of the amount must be paid in CASH (US dollar or Euro) to the captain of the boat after boarding.


Reservation Completed (Procedures)


1 - After completing the reservation, we will send a confirmation statement via email or WhatsApp to the customer, including their contact details as well as the captain's.


2 - You can make contact with your captain, or wait for him to make contact with you.


3 - He is the one who will have the greatest pleasure and inform all the necessary details, from his transfer until the arrival at the boat and boarding. 4 - Namaste Charter will always be at your disposal

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