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About San Blas Reservation

To make your RESERVATION - San Blas - Panamá


A - To make your reservation, fill out our form, it is quick, and easy, make contact via email or WhatsApp.


B - Read and Fill the Responsibility Term. IS REQUIRED.


C - Pay 10% of the total amount via PayPal for the days on board. The balance of the amount must be paid in CASH (US dollar or Euro) to the captain of the boat after boarding.

Reservation Completed (Procedures)


1 - After completing the reservation, we will send a confirmation statement via email or WhatsApp to the customer, including their contact details as well as that of the Captain.


You should contact your captain, or wait for him to make contact, welcome on board.


He will be waiting to clarify all the necessary information regarding the transfer for your arrival on the sailboat or catamaran.


- Check In-10: 00hs AM

- Check Out-07: 00hs AM


- Your stay on board may be extended to Check Out at 15: 00hs.


Important - If there is availability and previously communicated, and a payment with an increase of 30% of the daily rate per person.

Find out what the Panama City Transfer is like until you reach the sailboat or catamaran in San Blas

1. By land: By 4X4 car

Whoever organizes all your transfer is your captain.


* The 4X4 car will pick you up at the hotel, located in Panama City, between the hours: 5:30 am / 6:00 am. Car shared with other tourists. Be ready!


Usually the driver makes a stop at a gas station.


The road is characterized by several curves, avoid very fatty foods for this stage.


* Duration of the trip to the port, approximately between 2:30 h and 3:00 h


* At the entrance of the reserve / Comarca Guna Yala, the car driver will process the passenger registration (present the tourist passport) and you pay 20USD to the Comarca.


* Will arrive at Porto Carti at approximately 8:30 am


* The driver will drive you to the Kuna motorboat that will take you to your destination's sailboat. You don't have to worry, they know what to do. Wait.

2. Seaway

* In the port the tourist pays a boarding fee of 2 dollars, payment made to the Kuna responsible for the collection.


Sometimes you may have to wait a few minutes before boarding the launch.


* The journey by boat from the port of departure to the destination sailboat will take approximately 40 minutes.


Another tip if possible bring plastics to cover your backpack, it may be that the sea spray gets wet.



3. Total Transfer Cost to reach the destination sailboat:

$ 100 per person roundtrip, 4X4 car transfer


$ 60 per person roundtrip, transfer by speedboat.


$ 20 per person fee to enter the County.


$ 2 per person port tax.


In some islands, a visitation fee of 2 to 3 dollars per person is charged by the family who lives on the island, which is to help clean up the beach.


* Values ​​subject to change for less or more, according to the season.

Return to Panama

On the day of your departure, the Captain will inform you at what time the Kuna motorboat will pass to collect you.


And your return will occur in the same way as your arrival, and the driver will drop you off at the agreed address.

Other Exclusive Tips for Visiting San Blas

- To spend your days aboard the sailboat or catamaran of your choice, bring light clothing and little, San Blas, it has no structure, nothing close. Hospitals, Markets, Restaurants.


- All the Sailboats that are in San Blas, depend on the arrival of the canoes that bring seafood to sell fresh.


- Preferably backpacks, it will be more practical and will take up very little space on a sailboat. Avoid carrying wheeled luggage is not necessary.


- Always keep your spirit of adventure and rest assured that in the end everything goes well with the Kunas.


And you are going to one of the considered still havens on Earth.


Relax and enjoy every moment! Because you deserve!

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