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Skipper 30 - Private boat

Day Charter

Maximum 6 people

Minimum of 4 people

Value R $ 290,00 per person


Place of departure and return:

Aratu Yacht Club

Departure: 9:00 am

Return: 17:30


-Isle of Bom Jesus (warm waters and colonial collection)

-Island of Friars (one of the hottest places in the Bay of Todos os Santos)

-Sailing to Farol da Barra

Drink included

Water, soft drinks and 1 (one) sparkling wine.


Contact Information

Sailing through the tranquil waters of Baía de Todos os Santos is a privilege for the few,

a clean and calm sea with a wonderful view, of the City of Salvador.

Imagine you enjoying it all on a new, modern, very well equipped sailboat, and

with a couple adored by everyone from the nautical environment of Bahia, and very competent with

your rides. Very upbeat and good taste in everything.

pedro mutti.png

Captain & Crew

Pedro Mutti

I am the Commander of this charter, Pedro Mutti, a sailor since childhood in the sloops and canoes of the Bahian hinterland and from the eighties I started with Hobie Cat, then a 22-foot ocean, then a 26-foot one, from Nestor Volker, then we arrived our 30 feet, the Quartet, also by Nestor, modern design with wide open stern and two cabins, very comfortable and always with the company of my immediate dear and companion Adriana, I have been sailing for the last 34 years in the Bay of Todos os Santos, Morro from São Paulo, Camamu, Garapuá, Ilhéus, some forays to Recife, Fenando de Noronha and Natal. Cook in his spare time, specialist in Bahian food, I have dedicated myself to these pleasures after 37 years working at the state-owned company Águas do Estado da Bahia. Currently, Comodoro do Aratu Iate Clube, a sailing club with 300 (three hundred) members, I try to make selective charters with people who share this way of life.

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